Crop Production in Harsh Environments (CPHE) is an international, peer-reviewed, Open Access Journal. It is published biannually (in June and December) by University of Birjand, Iran. All original research (as full or short papers) and high quality review manuscripts related to plant production in stressful environments can be evaluated by this journal (see aim and scope). Results of both open field and controlled (greenhouse, growth chamber, ...) studies on field crops, forage crops and medicinal plants can be published in CPHE. All submitted manuscripts are initially considered by the Editors. Then, if found appropriate for more evaluation, will send to expert referees in a double blind process. Attempts are made to complete the initial evaluation by the editor within a week and the refereeing process to a maximum of two months. After final acceptance, paper will be available online in two weeks and be published in the next issue. There will be no charge for refereeing and publication.